“Are we degenerate?” (1935)

Z (anglického překladu) knihy Heinricha Gadeho ‘How to Learn Debating. Opposing Arguments Advanced by the Several Rival Schools or Theories on Social, Economic, Biological and Other Topics of the Day’ (1935):

Debate topic: “Are we Degenerate?”

Argument nr. 4 (PRO):

“Mental diseases and neurotic symptoms are on increase. There is an increasing rush to mental healers, psychoanalysts, etc. The passion for sport which has overtaken the women of the middle classes and the persistent clamour for excercise show that we are less fitted to stand the strain of life than our ancestors. Drugs of all sorts are being used extensively.”

Argument nr. 10 (PRO): 

“Our decadence comes from various causes, e.g. the unhealthy lives led by nearly all our people, coupled with a fierce and unimaginative commercial competition; the luxurious comfort demanded by all classes; the premature democratization of social institutions, by which power rests with half-educated crowds, who can be directed only by experts in deceit and cajolery, either journalists or politicians; the increasing resort to sedatives so as to evade the demands of reality; the decay of religion.”


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